What Constitutes a Trip to an Urgent Care Facility?

Urgent care centers exist to assist patients with injuries or illnesses that don’t appear to be life threatening, but can’t wait until the next day or to be seen by the primary care doctor. Here are three important questions that are answered pursuant to urgent care centers.

1. What is Urgent Care?

Urgent care centers provide access to quality healthcare for the days and times that primary care physicians’ offices are closed. The professionals at these facilities are committed to providing good care to patients with urgent medical needs during weekends and holidays as well.

2. What is an Urgent Medical Illness?

Urgent medical illnesses are those that are not considered emergencies, but still require medical care within 24 hours. Some examples of illnesses include:  Breathing difficulties due to asthma, fever or flu, vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration. Severe sore throats and coughs meet the description, as do urinary tract infections. Laboratory tests can be given at these centers.

3. What is an Urgent Medical Injury?

Typically, accidents and falls that produce sprains and strains fall into this category. An urgent care facility can provide diagnostic services such as X-rays. Mild broken bones and fractures like fingers and toes can be dealt with at these places.

Urgent care should not be considered a substitute for emergency care. Any emergency condition that could permanently endanger or impair the life of an individual should be treated at a hospital emergency room. To find a medical center in San Diego, please visit the website.

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