Pre-Employment Drug Testing Benefits

Employers have the right to screen potential employees for drugs. To screen for illegal substances, the testing involves the analysis of saliva, urine, hair or blood. Here are three significant benefits for such testing:

1. Expert Insight

Experts agree that productivity is decreased when employees abuse alcohol or drugs. Premature death and absences that result from illnesses caused by substance abuse are part of the decreased productivity. Research shows that employees with drug problems are more likely to ask for early releases, have excessive absences and are prone to being late. Additionally, they have a greater chance of being involved in an accident and filing a workers’ compensation claim.

2. Pre-Existing Drug Conditions Can Be Eliminated

Testing potential employees from the start will greatly reduce the number of candidates applying with a preexisting alcohol or drug problem.

3. Considerations and Significance

Before hiring, drug and alcohol testing can help employers avoid potential life-threatening situations. For example, an employer would not want to hire a drug abuser if his job was to drive automobiles, trains or buses. It would be reckless to do so. Another benefit is that government funding is maintained when the workplace is a drug-free environment.

It is important to understand that all drug testing results should be kept confidential. Sometimes, state and federal laws have to be consulted to determine whether or not it is legal to not hire a person with positive results. Additional information on pre-employment testing in San Diego can be found on the website.

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